concrete design.

We help your old, worn-out, or destroyed cement tile flooring reborn
through redesigning and reproducing it.


 Depending on the exposure to deterioration, a cement tile could last up to 100-150 years. However, with the slow abrasion of the coloured upper layer the tiles reach their maximum age after a time. To save the genuine impression - instead of replacing them with mass-manufactured ceramic tiles - we offer you to preserve the authentic concrete flooring. "Authentic" means, that both the ingredients and the handmade manufacturing process is the same as it was 150 years ago.



 We explore your flooring based
on a photo, sketch, or on-site visit.
The main charasteristics we usually
seek: tile thickness, colour scheme,
environment and usage.


After we have explored the old tiles,
we make a digital grapic design of 
the tile pattern. This is needed because
we have to make a metal shape in
order to begin the manufacturing.


According to the graphic design
we make authentic colour schemes.
We consult with you and finalize
the design before we start the
manufacturing process.


We prepare the colour scheme
and produce your cement tiles
through a hand-made process
in Europe, Hungary, then ship
it to your basement.